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Funk Skunk

Splunk —  2017 / 1 Tracks / Splunkster Ltd. / 002

“Do you like chocolates baby? of course you do!
Caviar? You like this too!
I bring to you a rose, but you still hold your nose.
I have a certain smell but you know I wear it well…
I’m a SKUNK!”

Knock, knock, who’s there? Splunk’s second installment is here!

To say the Funk-o-meter on this one is in the red would be an understatement. Get ready for some naughty funkadelia packed with tons of dirty “low-end” action sprinkled with cheek-in-tongue quotes, such as: “You say that I smell like a garbage dump, you seem to think I’m polluting the air, but I’m like a fine Camembert… “ ; )

It is getting skunky in here! So better get your gas masks out because this one smells as funky as it sounds!

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